Working fast and working smart


Our PR surveys are used by leading PR agencies and in house PRs, across the commercial and charitable sectors.
We have developed survey services which deliver credible data to support both your content generation requirements, and communication objectives.

Targeted insight

Whatever the poll objectives, we have a local, national or international panel of respondents at our fingertips. The size and diversity of our panel ensures that regardless of your campaign objective, we can get your survey or poll in front of the right audience, be it niche or expansive.

New to creating surveys

Working fast and working smart

We understand the need to work to tight timescales and budgets, without compromising on quality and outcome. Whether you need a quick poll or a major piece of research to support your campaign objectives, we can help.

SurveyGoo can design and deliver polls, hassle free with quick turnarounds (typically from 48 hours), fast track option available on request.


Idea generation

Fresh eyes and expertise to energise your campaign strategy

Pitch support

Credible insight presented with impact

Content generation

From charts & infographics to dynamic dashboards & videos

Audience research

Engaged and responsive panellists

International research

Utilise an extensive audience from the UK and Asia Pacific

Polls & Opinion research

Access to a representative and diverse panel

Omnibus Surveys

Our consumer omnibus online surveys run every weekend.

Impact measurement

Longitudinal and comparable research tools available

Message testing

Segment our panel by interests, preferences and demographics

White label service

Outsource and white label market our research services for your insight team or on behalf of clients.

Short on time and resource?

Commission a Poll with SurveyGoo

Use SurveyGoo to design and deliver polls, hassle free with quick turnarounds (typically from 48 hours).

We offer three levels of support to assist you create, deliver and analyse online surveys and polls. Choose from Lite, Standard and Premium service levels, and get support right where you need it. If you need a different level of service, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your research objective in more detail.

  • Lite

        • Questionnaire Design
          Sense & spell checking
        • Demographics
          Age, gender, region
          Sample 300 – 1000
        • Timescales
          1-2 days
        • Number of questions
        • Data table outputs
          Excel tables

  • Standard

        • Questionnaire Design
          Review questions & edits
        • Demographics
          Age, gender, region, city
          Sample 1000 – 2000
        • Timescales
          3-4 days
        • Number of questions
        • Data table outputs
          Excel & Online tables + stats tests
        • Extra table breaks
          Free to include
        • Charts
          Online Charts (Summary)

  • Premium

        • Questionnaire Design
          Question design
        • Demographics
          Age, gender, region
          Sample 2000 – 3000
        • Timescales
          4-5 days
        • Number of questions
        • Data table outputs
          Excel & Online tables + stats tests
        • Extra table breaks
          Free to include
        • Charts
          Online Charts (Summary & Breaks)
        • Executive Summary


1. Sample & questions

Choose your sample size & number of questions.

2. Questionnaire submission

We need a final, approved questionnaire by 1.00 pm if it is to go live the same afternoon. Include any images or video if required.

3. Questionnaire review

We will conduct a free questionnaire review and provide feedback if any changes are recommended and to confirm costs.

4. Survey scripting

We will script your survey to ensure the language and flow are optimised for online surveys. If required, the draft survey script can be reviewed before going live.

5. Survey programming

We’ll handle the survey set up, design and hosting. We know how to create surveys that look great and that attract a great response.

6. Going live

The survey will be sent to our survey panel once everything is signed off. Typically it takes 2 – 3 days to collect the desired number of responses. Surveys with specialist audiences may take longer. Depending on the level of support you need, we can include the cost of sample and respondent incentives too.

7. Data analysis and reporting

Survey results will be produced in Excel as standard data tables, including age, gender and region. Bespoke tables with extra breaks can be produced on request. If you want to really bring your data to life for press releases and media sell-in, read all about our Data Analysis Services.


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Bring your insight to life

SurveyGoo has an array of data visualisation tools and services to illustrate your results in an impactful and accessible format. From simple infographics to interactive dashboards, we can ensure your data is easy to manage, easy to analyse and displayed in an informative and engaging way.

Use our interactive dashboard tools to present research to clients. Or utilise our infographic tools to illustrate your press releases to deliver impact and engagement.

Survey Insights

Why SurveyGoo?

SurveyGoo is a specialist agency in the creation and delivery of PR surveys and polls.
We are a nimble and responsive extension to marketing and PR teams who need quality insight and data to support their communication objectives.

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