Market research consultancy and delivery


With an increasing choice of tools and techniques available, insightful market research is obtainable for academic institutions, SME’s and Startups, not just the big brands and international agencies. We design and implement online surveys to fit all budgets and objectives.

Utilising our own software in conjunction with leading third party tools, we design and programme online surveys to meet your market research requirements.

Choose what level of assistance you need with your market research:

Survey Scripting

A basic scripting service where we take your questionnaire and turn it into an online survey (turning a final questionnaire into an online survey).

Project Assistance

Get help with specific tasks, such as survey programming and panel samples.

Full Service

End to end market research design, project execution, data and reporting.


Questionnaire review, design, survey management and data analysis.

White label

Outsource and white label market our research services for your insight team or on behalf of clients.

Delivering effective surveys to deliver actionable market research

We gain real insight from real people.

We can utilise an extensive audience from both our UK and Asia Pacific panels. In addition, we have network of local and international panel providers to ensure your target audience is reached. Our survey respondents are engaged and responsive, providing real and actionable insight, whatever your research objective.

We engage our survey respondents.

Our experience in this field has equipped us with the skill to design online surveys which really engage the respondents. Good data relies on the creative survey design, ensuring the experience is quick to use, easy to understand and engaging to interact with.

Market Research Insights

What kind of market research are you interested in?

We work with businesses and individuals, academic institutions, international agencies and boutique brands, Startups and SME’s to deliver robust consumer insight.

Our work covers:

  • Pricing research
  • Brand awareness and perceptions
  • Employee surveys
  • Product/NPD Testing
  • Business Concept validation/start up research
  • Opinion research
  • PR surveys
  • International Surveys
  • Content Generation Surveys
  • Market Insight
  • Academic Research
  • Ad tests
  • Brand Tracking
  • Market Segmentation
  • Culture Surveys
  • Survey Scripting
  • B2B Surveys
Market Research Agency


Go global with SurveyGoo

SurveyGoo has international access and expertise when it comes to collating informed, accurate international insight.

We operate our own market research panels in the UK and Asia Pacific. To deliver insight from international territories quickly and effectively, we have developed our own panel management system which we use to manage surveys, panel member administration and rewards.

This capability and reach enables us to give your campaigns global insight. So, if you’re looking for headlines, evidence, or a diverse perspective to give a campaign more weight, SurveyGoo is your ideal market research partner.

International Research Panels

B2B Research & Insight

From one business to another

It is not just consumer insight that informs marketing and business development strategy. Reach a global business audience with SurveyGoo. Our extensive panels can be segmented by occupation, seniority, territory and industry to name just a few. Whatever your research goal, whatever industry, we can access your target market and deliver actionable insight.

Contact us for more info about our B2B Research & Insight expertise.

Review the market

Before investing in a full scale campaign, did you know that we can access quick stats on markets, audiences and countries for you? We have access to wide-ranging stats and demographics via trusted statistical and reports services. This extra insight can be invaluable in the planning and execution of your campaign.

Talk to us about Market Reviews.


With SurveyGoo, your surveys and polls are bespoke to you and your research requirements.
Our market research services can support you from start to finish, or just with specific elements of your campaign.

PR Agency short on time?

Head straight to PR Surveys for our specialist GooPoll PR packages.

New to creating surveys

New to creating surveys and polls?

Head to Bespoke Surveys & Polls for more info about Survey Programming and discover how we can support you with your research.

We are experienced in survey design and delivery with a track record of working with in house and agency teams.
Learn more about us and our approach, or view our case studies for insight into our most recent work.

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