Analysing and illuminating your survey results


We offer a range of data analysis and visualisation services to transform your raw data and bring your audience insights to life.

Every survey completed by SurveyGoo is reported back to the client in an Excel format and includes a standard output of data tables. You can then choose to add additional visualisation services as you require. 


Surveygoo clients access their survey data via our private reporting area, hosted on a secure online portal.
From this portal, clients can view all current and previous studies, review and download data tables, charts and, if requested, data dashboards.

Core Outputs: Standard Data Tables and Cross Tabulations

The standard output for polls, PR surveys and quantitative market research studies is Standard Data Tables. They look like a spreadsheet, which means they look and feel familiar to most users. Tables include standard breaks like age, gender, region and city appearing in the columns. Questions are reported in rows, split out by these standard breaks.

Additional breaks (sometimes referred to as Cross Tabulations) are also created and hosted in the reporting area.

The reporting portal provides the ability for customers to:

• View Data Outputs
• Download reports (e.g. in exce, powerpointl and pdf formats)
• Access related project files, such as questionnaires

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Summary Data Reports

While data tables offer the ability to detail large amounts of data, they can take time to sift through to pick out key results. One approach is to combine aspects of cross tabs with extracts of data in chart form.

Summary Data Reports are not a full written report, but a key summary of key aspects of a data set. They typically will report on summary (Net data) and some sub groups (e.g. age and gender) and will include some summary analysis. They can be accessed as a powerpoint, pdf or hosted online.

Taking the right steps to analyse and present your data properly is what really separates and elevates market research campaigns. 

We offer a range of data analysis and visualisation services to transform your raw data and bring the key audience insights to life.

Choose from simple charts, summary reports, infographics and interactive dashboards to illustrate your new audience insights in an accessible and impactful way. Whether you’re taking your research into a client pitch or a board meeting, using it to inform marketing strategy or employee satisfaction, slotting it into a press release or keynote speech, utilise the great tools available to present your campaign results.

Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Interactive dashboard of charts supporting key themes of the survey/poll. Accessible online publicly or via private link.


Interactive Infographic

Interactive, full design infographic with charts, icons and commentary.


Infographic (static/pdf)

Simple infographic of charts, icons and text. Will highlight approx 4 – 8 key findings.


Powerpoint Reports / Charts

Summary Reports are topline chart and commentary reports with key insight highlighted (1-3 pages).



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