Credible consumer insight


Create your surveys and polls with SurveyGoo to deliver credible consumer insight.
Insight that will support your content generation, inform opinion and shape your campaigns.

Our survey programming service includes questionnaire review, design, survey management & data analysis. Work with us to achieve your research objectives.

The surveys and polls that deliver the most insightful and accurate data are:

Simple to understand

Quick to complete

Visually engaging

Targeted at the right audience

Survey Programming Service

If you need help planning a new survey, our survey programming service is a one stop solution for creating and delivering online surveys.

This comprehensive service includes questionnaire review, design, survey management and data analysis. 

We’ll support your campaign in three ways:


Save time and resource by letting us supplement your in house team. When you’re up against it, let us design and manage your survey for you.


If you have your survey ready to go, you’ll need the right audience to target with it. We can programme your survey and distribute it to the right survey panels. We have our own local and international panels, and a trusted network of panel providers ensuring whatever your target market, we can access the right audience for you.
Read more about our panels here.


We know how to design surveys to get results. We’re highly experienced at designing surveys that engage with respondents and produce actionable insight. As part of this service, we can further customise survey themes and bespoke question features to ensure you get the data you require.

What would you like to survey?

We have experience programming all types of surveys including;

  • Ad Tests
  • Brand Research
  • Customer Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Survey Panels
  • Product Tests

This is just a snapshot of what we do.

If you don’t see your research objective listed, just drop us a line to discuss your needs and how we can ensure you meet your campaign goals.

The Survey Programming Toolkit

We have all the tools to programme your survey:

  • Reliable & Secure Hosting
  • Multi County Surveys
  • Skilled Programmers
  • Translation Services
  • Surveygoo Survey tool and third party tools
  • Real Time Data Reporting
  • Customised Surveys & Branding
  • Data Analysis & Reporting Services
  • Advanced Survey Design with Complex Logic
  • Full Integration with Panel Sample

If we’ve lost you anywhere, don’t despair!

The terminology can be a minefield. Head to our FAQs and Glossary if you need further info or explanation on any of the terms and services referenced.

Online Survey Services

Reporting the results

How will the survey results be shared with me?

Survey results will be produced in Excel as standard data tables. The tables will include age, gender and region.

Bespoke tables with extra breaks can be produced on request. Just let us know what info you need reporting.

Bring your insight to life
In addition to providing the raw data, we can provide charts and infographics. These tools will help illustrate your results in an impactful and accessible format.

Bring your insight to life


SurveyGoo is a specialist agency in the creation and delivery of surveys and polls.
We are a nimble and responsive extension to marketing and PR teams who need our survey programming and data analysis services to support their communication objectives.

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