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Survey Design and Hosting Services

SurveyGoo online survey service makes it easy to conduct surveys. If you need help conducting an online poll or market research survey, we offer full support including survey design, programming and hosting, panels and third party samples, and data analysis.


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Survey Creator Tool

Survey Your Target Audience

SurveyGoo built an in-house online survey creation platform to make the process of designing and hosting online surveys easier, faster and more affordable. Our online survey maker tool, used exclusively for our clients, is an integrated platform combining survey creation, panel sampling and data analysis. read more

Our Survey Creator app sits within our GooPoll panel platform, allowing us to run surveys with our own panel as well as third party panels. Because we profile our members against hundreds of data points about their interests, preferences and demographics, we can target our surveys against tight selection criteria. So whether you need to reach young mums, millennials, football fans or people who take frequent holidays, we can help. Bespoke surveys for targeted insight is in easy reach.

Niche and General Demographics

B2B, B2C & Hard to Reach Audiences

Desiging your own online surveys has probably never been easier. But many clients come to us with the problem of finding people to take their survey having set up a survey themselves. Finding a tool to design a survey is the easier part (although not necessarily as easy as people think). The really difficult bit is getting survey completions read more

Our Survey Creation and programming services includes the option of reaching SurveyGoo panels (and third party partners) to reach UK, international and niche demographics. Our survey creation services are affordable and highly flexible. If you have a survey you have already created in another tool, we can recreate the survey in our platform at a low cost. Alternatively, if you have a draft questionnaire, we can redesign it in our platform.

Survey Creation & Hosting Options

Flexible, Affordable Survey Programming & Hosting

SurveyGoo take a flexible approach to programming and hosting online surveys. Our in house tools are designed to make the process simpler and more affordable, particularly for short polls , PR surveys and UK gen pop surveys. But at the same time our approach is to offer the most appropriate solution. Which is why we also use third party survey tools and reporting solutions. Hence, we can run simple as well complex surveys, create basic data tables as well as host online tables, charts and dashboards. read more

  • Reliable and secure hosting
  • Multi country surveys
  • Skilled programmers
  • Translation services
  • In house and third party survey tools
  • Real time reporting
  • Customised surveys and branding
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Advanced survey design with complex logic
  • Full integration with survey panels
  • Pop up surveys and web integrated
Data Visualisation, Data Stories & Reporting

Reporting & Analysis how you want it

Every client has slightly different needs and preferences for data reporting. If you are very comfortable with data and a regular user of survey data, basic data tables or even a raw data file might be all you need. read more

Other clients prefer more reporting options, such as summary charts and presentations. The choice is yours. Data tables (hosted online) and readable in excel, come as standard. But if you want more bespoke reporting, we can help.

Data Tables & Summary Charts

Standard Data Tables

The standard output for polls and quantitative market research surveys is the data table. Our clients can access them on a secure online portal, offering the possibility to filter and interrogate the data online. We also publish data tables so they can be read offline in excel or as a pdf. read more

Further data analysis, such as cross tabulations to compare results by demographic groups or question responses is part of the service. Topline charts provide a simple and quick way to get a sense of the overall results.


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