Market research panels


We operate our own market research panels in the UK and Asia Pacific.

We have also developed our own panel management system which we use to manage surveys, panel member administration and rewards. SurveyGoo has local, national and international market research capabilities. Access your target demographic easily when you buy survey responses from us.

Survey panel respondents

Use our panels

Reach Your Target Audience
The SurveyGoo panel is a responsive community of people who take regular surveys and polls.

Because we profile our members against hundreds of data points about their interests, preferences and demographics, we can target our surveys against tight selection criteria. So whether you need to reach young mums, millennials, football fans or people who take frequent holidays, we can help. Buy survey responses from us for quality consumer insight

Join our panels

SurveyGoo welcomes new panel members to contribute opinion and perspective to wide-ranging market research campaigns.

In addition to contributing to important research and informing consumer insight, members earn rewards on every survey and poll completed.

We create simple, engaging polls and surveys that are easy and quick to complete.

Why SurveyGoo?

SurveyGoo is a specialist agency in the creation and delivery of surveys and polls.
We are a nimble and responsive extension to marketing and PR teams who need quality insight and data to support their communication objectives.

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