Why PRs need data insights

Data used to be an occasional add on for PR practitioners. Tools for social listening, or measuring coverage have been used for some time, along with ad hoc "Survey Stories" or "PR Surveys". All of these tools are useful and continue to have a vital role. read more

But data is now being used more widely to help plan, create, execute and measure the impacts of PR campaigns. It's now increasingly necessary to use data as a core part of good PR practice. At SurveyGoo, we have a range of tools, techniques and experience that can help PR practitioners make PR objectives easier, and campaign performance better and more targeted.

Reasons for working with SurveyGoo

At SurveyGoo, we have developed a specialism for conducting research to help PR objectives, including content generation, PR Surveys, understanding target audiences, message testing, tracking surveys and studies to help with campaign ideation.

PR Surveys can be used by most organisations, from start ups and boutique brands to charities and established brands. We have 10 years of experience conducting credible, effective and affordable bespoke surveys allowing organisations of all sizes to benefit from PR surveys and other market research services.

How SurveyGoo can Help

Think of us as a delivery partner. We offer various levels of support from implementing ready-to-go PR surveys to design and media outreach, to being your research partner for ideation and campaign planning. Our mission is to offer research options that are genuinely affordable for a range of projects and budgets, without compromising on quality.

A survey designed to gather insight and data for the purpose of generating or informing content for a PR Campaign or Data Story.

A well designed PR Survey has the potential to shape opinions, underpin a campaign or advance the key messages of a brand.

Explore how audiences behave, think and understand ideas, brands or messages. Get qualitative insight to help shape ideas, campaigns or client pitches.

Data generated from PR surveys have to be credible and distinctive to stand out and get noticed. Verbatim feedback and vox pops add a human dimension to data.

Bespoke surveys to measure attitudes or behaviour overtime can form the core of a content plan in its own right or can be part of a pre and post impact assessment of a campaign.


We understand the Needs of PR and Marketing users of research


SurveyGoo know the needs and requirements of people working in marketing, PR and Digital content. Our understanding of your research needs have underpinned our approach and our solutions to deliver, polls and bespoke surveys. From small scale polls to large multi country studies, we offer flexibility and value to suit a range ofprojects and budget. ‍

We understand the Needs of PR and Marketing users of research


Have a survey ready to go? Host the survey with us, reach your target demographic and get easy to use reports.


Audience targeting included, from UK nationally representative, niche, hard to reach, b2b and international audiences.

Add Ons

Get help for the services you need, including question and campaign design, data visualisation, press releases and media placement.

Our team of experienced, well-informed communications and insight specialists, offer an end to end service that includes a simple "run my survey" option for clients that have a ready-to-go survey and need help hosting the survey with our engaged survey panels, through to full service PR survey consultancy which includes campaign formulation, question design and assistance with securing media coverage.

In the last 12 months we have delivered campaigns that have generated front page stories, often in excess of 200 pieces of real media coverage, and have helped shape policy.

We help Agencies and Clientside PRs


In House PR

We work with in house PR teams either in conjunction with their agencies or directly with the inhouse team.

Big & Small PR Agencies

We work with in house PR teams either in conjunction with their agencies or directly with the inhouse team.

From Charities to Automotive

We have wide experience of business sectors including automotive, food, education, tech, property, start ups and charities.

B2B, Consumer & International

We cover B2B and Consumer PR surveys, in the UK, international and big mulit-country surveys.

Who we've worked with

We work with PR agencies, independents and directly with brands


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