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Tailored online market research and quality data to inform strategy, and guide campaigns

We work with both in-house marketers and marketing agencies providing our survey services.

Marketing and Communications agencies have a broad range of needs to support their businesses and their clients. We offer a flexible service with expertise and resource to meet every campaign brief. Whether you need a small study, some extra resource for an internal project or a major piece of research, we can help.

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Survey Attitudes and Behaviours

Supporting online market research for marketing

SurveyGoo is experienced in assisting in-house and agency marketing teams access comprehensive consumer insight.

Consumer attitudes to healthy ingredients

Design & Programme | Survey Panel | Full reporting

A marketing agency specialising in the food and beverage sector asked us to design a multi-national survey. They were seeking insight on consumer perceptions around food health, the importance of ingredients and willingness to pay for premium ingredients. The survey covered the UK, North America, South East Asia and South Asia.

Ad testing

Script survey | Translations | Survey panel | Data tables

A leading food brand needed to conduct an ad test in several countries in Asia. Surveygoo programming teams translated the questionnaire, scripted the survey and ran the survey with panel partners in Malaysia and Singapore. A single set of data tables was produced in English. Surveygoo used a third party software tool to conduct the survey.


We offer various levels of support in the design, delivery and analysis of surveys, and a choice of tools to aid in the presentation of survey results.

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Survey Insights

Why SurveyGoo?

SurveyGoo is a specialist agency in the creation and delivery of surveys and polls.
We are a nimble and responsive extension to marketing and PR teams who need quality insight and data to support their communication objectives.

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