Expertise and resource


SurveyGoo has vast experience with international market research; working in different industries and sectors, and with boutique brands and blue chip companies.
Our international and diverse panel ensures we’re relevant and responsive to every research objective.

We have specialist expertise in PR, Education, Marketing & Communications, with Startups and SME’s, and in the Food industry. However, we cross into many more sectors and confident we have the expertise and resource to meet the research needs required in any sector.

If you don’t spot the service you’re looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Working with PR Agencies

Tailored survey services to deliver data and insight

SurveyGoo works with PR agencies and teams of all sizes and on a variety of campaigns. We understand the need to work to tight timescales and budgets, without compromising on quality and outcome. Whether you need a poll or a major piece of research to support your campaign objectives, we can help.

Working in the Education sector

Insight & data for students and academics

SurveyGoo partners many educational institutions to deliver the insight needed to drive their important research forwards. From whole departments to students, to managers of the institutions themselves, we have a flexible service level to suit.

Working with Marketing & Communications Agencies

Tailored research and data to inform strategy and guide campaigns

We work with both in-house marketers and marketing agencies providing our survey services.

Marketing and Communications agencies have a broad range of needs to support their businesses and their clients. We offer a flexible service with expertise and resource to meet every campaign brief.

Working with Startups & SME’s

Insight & data for small businesses with big ideas

SurveyGoo partners with entrepreneurial businesses with the ambition and vision to take their company to the next level. Growing businesses have big ideas, but they don’t always have big marketing budgets or infinite resource to realise them.

However, demonstrating ROI is perhaps even more fundamental to a growing business in order to understand how and where to focus precious resource.

Working with the Food Industry

Feast on Consumer Insight

SurveyGoo partners with both PR agencies and brand owners seeking insight into consumer attitudes towards food and the food industry.

Separate the fads from the facts to inform product launches, marketing strategy and public appetite for your brand.

Bring your insight to life

SurveyGoo has an array of data visualisation tools and services to illustrate your results in an impactful and accessible format.

From simple infographics to interactive dashboards, we can ensure your data is easy to manage, easy to analyse and displayed in an informative and engaging way.

Survey Insights

Why SurveyGoo?

SurveyGoo is a specialist international market research agency in the creation and delivery of surveys and polls.
We are a nimble and responsive extension to marketing and PR teams who need quality insight and data to support their communication objectives.

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