TopLine Film:

Marketing Study

The Challenge

Topline Film wanted to understand how marketers are using video and animation to help guide corporate strategy.


Survey Method

UK online survey via survey panel. 20 questions survey with 250 completes. Client outputs included Standard data tables formatted in Excel, and summary charts in PowerPoint.


UK population.

20 questions


What Topline Films did

We worked with SurveyGoo to conduct a survey of UK marketers (from marketing execs to CMOs), to get a better idea of the challenges they face in their role, how they like to be marketed to, and how they measure and report on video ROI.

TopLine Film


The survey highlights are below.

Client Outcome

The survey helped us clarify our thinking and expand our offering to cover video distribution, ROI and strategy. It also gave us an excellent opportunity for a media campaign to raise the profile of the newly launched TopLine Film brand.

Source: Surveygoo on behalf of TopLine Film