Project Overview

SurveyGoo was asked by Flint Global to conduct a survey among senior managers in large, export oriented businesses in the Netherlands. The survey was designed to explore perceptions of geopolitical and economic risks in the context of the wars in Ukraine, Israel - Hamas, and wider geopolitical turbulance. The challenge of this study was to achieve survey completes online with a difficult to reach, specialist audience within a short timescale.

Project Execution

The study required reaching senior managers and other decision makers in organisations which has significant focus on international markets. There were significant time pressures to deliver the research ahead of a high profile business conference.

  • Netherlands
  • 257 completes
  • Senior Managers
  • Targeted Business with International focus


The survey generated important insight into current perceptions of business risk, and the data was used directly as part of a high profile business conference being organised by Flint Global in the Netherlands.

  • Data Tables
  • Summary Charts
  • Powerpoint Presentation

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