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Coronavirus – New Challenges, Anxieties and Business

Like most businesses, recent weeks have been a challenge for Surveygoo. Even before the UK Government’s de facto lockdown was announced, business levels were dropping off. More suppliers were voluntarily working from home, and marketing and PR activities were slowly unwinding. Marketing and PR is part of the business and societal system, and yet, pales into insignificance when compared with the well being of individuals and society as a whole. So we wait patiently for an easing, and fall back of the virus for a return to normal, hopefully in the coming weeks and months.

But our activities have not completely ground to a halt.

Covid 19’s impact on mental health

Surveygoo has, for a number of years, worked with leading Psychologists at Ariel University in Israel, and the University of Warwick in the UK. We have conducted numerous studies collecting data on attitudes the behaviourial changes ordinary people make and their  anxieties during man made or natural disasters. Such triggers include a tsunami, terrorist attacks, and pandemics.

See our Ariel University Case Study >>


Covid-19 Survey in Wuhan

In March, when the Coronavirus outbreak was recognised, Ariel University commissioned Surveygoo to undertake a representative survey of the impacted regions in China, including Wuhan. The results of the survey will be studied and incorporated into a study which will eventually be published in leading academic journals. We examined the association of being in quarantine in China on mental health and the associations between psychological distress and both recommended and non-recommended protective behaviours in the aftermath of the outbreak.

Psychological distress was highest amongst those at the original epicenter of the outbreak (Hubei region, Wuhan city), as well as those in quarantine. Higher distress was also associated with non-recommended behaviors (taking vitamins, reluctance to return to work). In contrast lower psychological distress was evidenced in those following CDC guidelines.

Covid-19 Survey in UK

The Chinese survey was followed up with a similar study in the UK, in early April. In a national sample conducted in the UK with 1293 participants, 30.1% of the participants reported being in quarantine, 27.2% of the participants reported having background illness that considered a risk group for COVID-19 (Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic respiratory disease, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Cancer). 71.3% of the participants trust government in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID-19 has impacted the whole world in general and the UK in particular, 79.4% of the participants report that they relationships or social life have been affected by COVID-19, 48.6% affected their work or ability to work on COVID-19, finally, 71.4% reported being affected any other important part of your life such as parenting, or school or college work, or other important activities.

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Business Process Improvements

These are testing times, but as a business, we continue to make plans to improve how we work and the service we offer to our clients in the UK and elsewhere.

New Survey Panel – Goo Poll

Surveygoo operates several online panels in the UK, US and asia pacific. In the last few months we have built a brand new panel community software platform, which will become the basis of all our survey panels. In the coming weeks our core UK panel, Surveygoo Panel, will be moved to the new platform under the brand, Goo Poll. The benefits to our community members centre around better engagement, profiling and opportunities for rewards. These benefits will also flow through to our clients wanting to undertake surveys, ultimately improving what we do.

Reporting Delivery and Data Dashboards

We are in the process of implementing new tools for reporting quantitative survey data. Improvements include a refreshed look for data tables, more affordable charts, presentations and dashboards, which will make additional, client friendly outputs accessible for more projects.

A key part of the outputs will include client logins to a secure website allowing stakeholders to view reports as well as interrogate data (e.g. apply filters and breaks to data) and download outputs. We are determined to find new ways to improve the simplicity and impact of data for our clients, while keeping to our core objectives of delivering affordable polls and market research data.

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