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From our Clients

SurveyGoo is a specialist agency in the creation and delivery of surveys and polls. We are a nimble and responsive extension to marketing and PR teams who need quality insight and data to support their communication objectives. We’re fortunate to work with a variety of clients, in various capacities and we pride ourselves on the quality of our panel, our approach and the breadth of services we can offer.

But don’t just take our word for it. Not only did these clients value SurveyGoo’s service delivery, they were kind enough to write about it too!

From our panel

As a management agency for an international panel, we take the selection, management and contributions from our panel seriously.
We are proud of the scale, diversity and engagement that our panel demonstrates and it is one of the primary factors in why many agencies choose SurveyGoo to deliver their research objectives.

Our panellists are treated properly. SurveyGoo panellists are not sent endless surveys that they do not meet the criteria for, not do they do not have to wait long periods of time to receive their rewards. This means our richly diverse panel are motivated, responsive and engaged in the research we involve them in, delivering our clients accurate insight.

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