How do we work?


If you’ve not worked with us before, or have some questions before you get started on a survey, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs that you might find helpful.

PR Surveys

What is a PR survey?

A PR survey is a name sometimes given to a poll that is used as the basis to generate news worthy headlines or content. It can include business audiences, specific demographics or a general population national survey.

I need to reach different audiences. Does your service include different demographics?

Yes. We can reach nationally representative audiences in the UK and internationally, as well as business audiences and other targeted demographics such as millennials, young parents, teenagers, users/customers of particular products, services or brands.

How do I get the results?

Core outputs are data tables, presented in an Excel spreadsheet. We offer alternative reporting formats including charts, powerpoint reports, infographics and interactive online reports and dashboards.

Do you offer optional reporting services?

Yes, we can write summary reports and present data in various formats.

How long does it take to run a poll?

Typical timescales are 2 – 4 days, depending on the audience target and sample size. Some audiences may take longer than 4 days, and we offer faster fieldwork options.

Is there a choice of sample size?

Yes. They range from 200 – 3000.

Do you recommend a particular sample size?

Sample sizes may be recommended based on feasibility and budget. A survey of business decision makers may only need 200-500 completes. A survey of parents may only require 500 – 1000 completes, whereas general population surveys are typically based on 1,000 or 2,000 or more.

Can I review the survey before it is launched?

Yes. We ask clients to review and sign off the survey before it is launched.

Do you offer questionnaire design services?

Yes. Our service levels include spelling and sense check, to question review and full questionnaire design services.

Do you offer other promotion services to get coverage of the survey?

Yes, we offer a choice of services to design, implement, report and disseminate polls.

International Surveys

Do you run surveys in other countries?

This is a core part of our service. We conduct surveys in Europe, USA and Asia.

Do you offer translation services?

Yes, our international surveys include translation and setting up surveys in local languages.

Reporting Formats

What format are your surveys supplied?

Our reporting formats include; excel data tables, raw data in SPSS or CSV formats, charts, powerpoint charts, infographics, interactive reports and dashboards.

What does an interactive report or infographic look like?

Market Research Techniques

Is there a difference between a poll and a survey?

Polls are often smaller in terms of the number and complexity of questions. A poll might consist of 1 to 15 questions. A longer survey could be 20-30 questions and consist of more complex question types such as max diff scaling or pricing questions.

What research methodologies do you offer?

We specialise in online quantitative surveys. We operate online survey panels in the UK and Asia Pacific. Our research techniques include pricing, branding, max diff scaling, conjoint, segmentation, pr, data visualisation.

Do you run qualitative research?

Yes, we can conduct online focus groups and telephone based personal interviews.

Do you run b2b surveys?

Yes, we can reach general business audiences and decision makers online as well more difficult to reach decision makers or industry verticals by telephone.

Do you offer desk research, collect and review secondary sources?

Yes, we do. Desk research reviews includes publicly available government statistics as well as abstracts of survey data. For example, we can compile published information on a market, usage of a product or social trend which can assist with survey design or form part of a content activities without the need to conduct original research.